Social and Eco Justice Committee

The Holy Cross Social & Eco Justice Committee came together in the fall of 2016. Guided by Pope Francis’s teachings, which underlines the “intimate relationship between the poor and the fragility of the planet” (Laudato Si’, par. 16), we propose to:

1. promote “greener” practices within our parish;

2. advocate for a simpler lifestyle among our parishioners, in solidarity with the poor of this world;

3. organize parish activities to raise awareness of social and ecological injustice;

4. work with other groups within the parish, the diocese, and the Greater Victoria community – towards the Common Good.

We are always looking for new members. Please consider joining us!

Contact Yvonne Hsieh at 250-385-8322


Annual reports




Monthly Green Tips published in the parish bulletin




Holy Cross is a member association of the GVAT (Greater Victoria Acting Together), which is currently working on two issues: 1. affordable housing for all; 2. mental health and addictions.

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