Parish Library

Holy Cross has an outstanding library filled with books and media covering a range of topics and interests.

Recent Suggestions

July Summer reading --- a collection of the most read books from our shelves

-What is the Point of Being a Christian? -- a deep understanding of the human condition by (Dominican)  T Radcliffe

-Dorothy Day, A Biography -- the radical heart and conscience of 20th century American Catholicism”  by W. Miller     

-A Year of Living Biblically, -- a secular Jew tries to live for a year as an ultra orthodox Jew in New York city. Uplifting and humourus by this gifted writer, A J Jacobs

-A Daughter’s Love, How Meg supported her father Thomas More in his later life and eventual execution by Henry VIII, by John Guy

-Pope John XX111, A Life -- the beloved, saintly, down-to-earth Pope of the Vatican Council 1962-65 by T. Cahill