Parish Library

Holy Cross has an outstanding library filled with books and media covering a range of topics and interests.

Recent Suggestions

Since Easter and beyond to the Ascension and Pentecost, our Mass Readings include those taken from the ACTS (of the Apostles).  Our parish library details those very early days of the Apostles and the early church community life.  The Apostles were endowed and continued with Christ's gift of healing.  The ill would even seek ways so that Peter's shadow might fall on them (Acts 5. 12-16).

· The Didache: A reconstruction of the faith, practices and rituals of the earliest Christian communities (50 to 70 AD)  --- short with commentary

· The Beginnings of the Church by F. Cwieckowski:  The death of the Apostles, admission of the gentiles and separation of Christianity and Judaism; the spread of Christianity in the eastern Mediterranean.

· In the Steps of St Paul by H V Morton.  This remarkable travelogue of the author in 1935-36  (well before  statehood of Israel recognized) tracing St Paul’s journeys  through Palestine, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Greece and Rome